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Learn how to design and develop websites, with interactive real-world coding examples. Every online tutorial comes with a video and a written step-by-step guide, covering the code in simple, easy to understand bite-size chunks.



Learn to code

From absolute beginner, I will teach you to be able to build websites from scratch, learning to write code and design real websites.

Professionally Designed Learning

All tutorials are structured and designed to take you through the code step-by-step, using practical examples. Each line of code is explained so that you can learn and understand as you go.

Quality videos

Short, bite-size videos, so that you can get straight to the lesson you want, or build learning blocks of time to match your needs.

Written Guides

Every video has a written version so that you can go into the detail if you want to, study the code, or quickly reference a particular point if you need to come back at any time.

Personal Touch

WebCodeFun is my independent business, so you are dealing with me, getting in touch with the person who wrote, filmed, edited and published the tutorial. Need help – I’m here!