About Me

Hey, and thanks for checking out my website. My name is Michael and I’m a web developer. WebCodeFun is a project I’ve thought about doing for years now and in 2021 I finally felt ready to give it my all.

I love learning how to code, design and develop websites, and I also love to teach. Creating tutorials and finding an excuse to combine all of my hobbies is such fantastic fun. I enjoy sharing the great feeling of learning how to code and seeing the outcome come to life on the internet, to share with the whole world.

I hope you like what I’m doing. Please do get in touch, whether it’s because you enjoyed a video, have some constructive feedback, or have an idea of a tutorial I should do – whatever it is I’d love to hear from you.

You can contact me on Twitter @webcodefun or you can watch all of my free tutorials on YouTube. Alternatively, you can catch me privately by email at contact@webcodefun.com.